More CASH points every week

During 2023, the number of Bancontact CASH points increased by 170 (from 220 to 390) and the number of ATMs by 533 (from 437 to some 1000).

A survey by the Ipsos research agency shows that 8 in 10 visitors to a CASH point are satisfied with the service. “We are not blind to the social challenges posed by the transition happening in payment traffic,” says CEO Jeroen Ghysel. “But the users of our CASH points can always to count on us. We keep listening to feedback and we continue to work on providing clean, safe and secure CASH points that function well. At the same time, we are speeding up the rollout of our cash network and aim to open about one new CASH point every working day. By the end of 2025, we will be operating a network of circa 2,500 ATMs in a total of 950 locations.”