Since its launch in 2017, the itsme® app has become the widely accepted simple and secure standard for mobile identification and the protection of privacy in the digital world. itsme® enables the following: identification (creating a new online account and sharing identity details), authentication (secure, personal access to a website or application), confirmation of a transaction (approval of an order or bank payment) and, finally, the legally binding electronic signing of documents (qualified electronic signature with the highest level of security).

itsme® was granted accreditation by the Belgian government as an official form of digital identity in January 2018 and on a European level in December 2019 (LOA high eIDAS).

The itsme® app is used extensively in the financial sector among others because it complies with PSD2, FATF and GDPR guidelines. It has also been awarded ISO27001 certification.

itsme® was developed by the Belgian Mobile ID consortium, which combines the seven Belgian market leaders from the banking and telecommunications sectors: Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, CBC/KBC & ING, on the one hand, and Orange Belgium, Proximus and Telenet on the other. In mid-2021, for the first time since the launch of the identity app, a public fund stepped in as a new shareholder taking a participation of 20%: the Federal Holding and Investment Company (FPIM).

The app is available in Belgium and since mid 2021 also in the Netherlands. 

Since the app was first launched in 2017, Dialogic has been by the side of itsme®, providing advice and guidance on a daily basis for Public Relations & Public Affairs.

In 2019, the app reached more than one million users. In May 2020, it reached 2 million users.

The digital identification app has now passed the 5.5 million active user mark. To achieve this, collaborations have been set up with numerous partners from different sectors. The app is used as a means of identification and authentication by more than 150 companies, and about 550 companies use it as an electronic signature.