For more than 5 years (2008-2013), Dialogic has guided three major worksites linked to the extension and renovation of the Charleroi Light Metro system. The same goes for the work related to the future Liège Tram project (2013). Major works are disruptive by their very nature. Which means that the role of communication is essential for disseminating news about the purpose of the works, as well as to anticipate possible issues and then manage them if they occur.

In the context of major works, gathering images of worksites is very important for use during public meetings with local residents and the presentation of the progress of the works. Dialogic has created a dynamic of virtual tours that enable the residents to visualize the works in their final phase.

Along the same lines, video using augmented reality enables the project to be presented in a few minutes.

Finally, Web TV makes it possible to see how the works are progressing day by day in real time.

Social networks and media are part of the communication channels used towards the public, while a traditional website was dedicated to the works: photo galleries were the pages that were visited most.

Finally, an app was a useful tool to enable citizens to maintain a dialogue with the communication department at the worksite on a daily basis – whether it’s to share practical complaints, or technical problems associated with the site, or issues about cleanliness of the neighbourhood and so on.