Dialogic has defended the benefits of tea, chocolate, light pastries for diabetics, has led the discussion around good and bad fats (animal versus plantbased), has underlined the danger of cardiovascular risks and the importance of food and vegetables for the growth of children, …

Working for the industry or the medical world and prevention associations (Ligue Cardiologique Belge, ligue de la menopause, association de prevention contre le sida, …) the starting point for all awareness actions, for all messages linked to nutrition is always a set of clear scientific data.

From there on, it’s a matter of finding and working with credible scientists in their domain, working with spokesperson that will been listen to and heard by their sector and the media.

After defining the correct message to the nutrition world, this message will be translated to a more understandable one as to capture the attention of the media and to reach the public in a passionate, creative and educational way.


Launch of a new product that preserves all the catechins (natural nutritional component that plays a role in the burning of fats).


In collaboration with scientists the concept of the “Age of you heart” was launched: a calculation through internet of the age of a person’s heart in relation to his/her real age, in function of a series of personal criteria: height/weight, cholesterol rate, diabetic or not, smoker or not, sporter or not, nutritional habits, …


Dialogic has been in charge of the press service for Somatoline Cosmetic, the brand leader in pharmacy-led slimming and anti-cellulite treatments, for 10 years.

In 2020, Somatoline Cosmetic broadened its horizons in response to 3 major trends in current cosmetics: performance, sensoriality and gentle naturality.


be-Sup !

During multiple years, the agency has been commissioned to produce the annual report for Be-Sup! (formerly NAREDI), the Industry Federation for dietary supplements in Belgium.

In 2018, Dialogic was also tasked with designing the consumer brochure and, in 2019, to create the new logo.