Pop-Hippodroom 2022: third edition

De Haan – 10 and 11 April, 2022, “the moon is the limit”!

wo years ago, Belgium discovered for the first time on the beach of De Haan the colourful drivers on their sulky (light cart) behind their beautiful trotters.

This year too, De Haan will be organising a fun succession of fast, professional shorttrack races with two horses each, from around thirty Belgian stables. Each stable will defend its typical colours. The horses have to complete a 280m sprint in pairs over a straight line in front of the sea.

Parents and children can also discover the “horse village” where the horses are not only pampered before and after their race by a whole team, but where they are also checked for their identity, subjected to doping checks and prepared for the races.

The races take place on the beach itself and are accompanied by live commentary.

Over the 2 days, more than 60 races will take place on the beach, which will be Belgium’s 6th official hippodrome, but a temporary hippodrome that is 100% dependent on the tides and therefore on the moon: high and low tide set the timing for the construction and for the actual races.

Pop-Hippodrome 2022 is a free event and will be held on Saturday 10 April and Monday 11 April between 1 pm and 6 pm.

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