itsme® emphasises importance of tomorrow’s « Girls in ICT Day » – April 28

Tomorrow (28.04.2022) is annual ‘Girls in ICT Day’, with which the United Nations aims to draw more attention to the shortage of women in ICT. The Belgian identity app, itsme®, also hopes that increasing numbers of women will make the move to the IT sector. “Mixed teams create better products,” says itsme® CEO, Stephanie De Bruyne. “So we are actively looking for female staff.”

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Why do so few women work in IT? And how can we attract more women into the sector? These are the two recurring questions that are asked on the fourth Thursday in April each year on the United Nations’ international ‘Girls in ICT Day’. Belgian Mobile ID, the company behind the successful itsme® identity app, feels the effects of just how difficult it is to recruit women on a daily basis. “At the moment, 1 in 4 employees at Belgian Mobile ID is a woman,” says Stephanie De Bruyne, CEO of itsme®. “This means we are doing better than the average for the sector, which remains stuck on 15% to 20% jobs for women. Our Board of Directors has also seen a positive development with the arrival of 2 female directors. Yet, there’s still a long way to go and our company is actively looking for more women to join us.”

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For example, the quality of IT often improves when women are at the controls, as well as men. “Research shows that mixed teams design and develop better products,” says Ms De Bruyne. “Greater diversity generates different approaches, for example in terms of design or ease of use. It also avoids any bias in a specific direction, as can be seen from data algorithms in the world of AI. Technology has become ingrained into the lives of everyone, men and women alike. But if we want our apps to meet everyone’s societal needs, more women are going to be needed to develop tech products.”

Chez itsme®, les femmes ont largement voix au chapitre. À l’occasion de l

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At itsme®, women firmly stand their ground. To mark international ‘Girls in ICT Day’, four of our female staff talk about their roles at itsme® and in the broader world of IT. Discover their experience in the IT world: