Batopin: de new Bancontact CASH points

What do they have to offer? How many will there be? Where will they be installed?

What does a Bancontact CASH point look like?

Don’t worry if you no longer see your own bank’s logo above your ATM. By the end of 2024, the four banks Belfius, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING and KBC will gradually replace their own ATMs with new neutral CASH points that carry the Bancontact logo.

In concrete terms, what can be done at a CASH point?

Any citizen – customer of any bank – can withdraw money with a Bancontact, Mastercard[1] or VISA[2] card. They can also change their PIN code. From 2022 onwards, customers of the major banks will be able to deposit money at 2/3 of the new Bancontact CASH points. From then on, they will also be able to check their account balance at these points.

How many Bancontact CASH points will be set up in the field? And where will they be located?

The situation on the ground will depend on the realities of each locality (in terms of living environment, travel patterns, commercial activities, etc.). Batopin’s objective is to make access to cash easier, thanks to CASH points deployed in key places in the daily lives of citizens.

The locator on the Batopin website allows you to follow the evolution of the network on a daily basis:

Batopin is a positive initiative whose sole aim is to provide a structural solution to a real and relevant problem.  The company remains permanently open to dialogue with all stakeholders who share its view on the need to preserve and improve access to cash today.

[1] From 2022

[2] From 2022