itsme® turns 5

80% of Belgians already use itsme®

Over the past five years, itsme® has become part of the daily lives of people in Belgium. Already 6.5 million Belgians use the itsme® identity app to identify themselves, confirm transactions and sign documents online. The app is the only one of its kind in Europe. And to mark its 5th birthday, itsme® is running a unique joint national campaign with the major banks and telecoms companies which underlines once again the contribution that itsme® is making to ensure our country enjoys a secure digital society.

In 2022, 80% of Belgian adults aged between 18 and 80 have an itsme® account. That works out to 6.5 million itsme® users out of a population of 8.1 million Belgians between 18 and 80.

Over the past year, itsme® has added 3.3 million new users in Belgium, meaning that the numbers have doubled in the space of 12 months. A major factor in this increase has been the launch of the CovidSafeBE app in June 2021 that you can log into using itsme®.

A good 99% of itsme® accounts are active, which means that the person behind the digital ID uses itsme® at least once during the year to identify themselves online, log in, confirm transactions or sign documents.

Every month, between 25 and 35 million actions are carried out in Belgium using itsme®. By way of comparison, this is approximately 35% more than the number of mobile payments made in our country per month[1].

In total, some 800 companies and partners across twenty or so different sectors offer itsme® as a means of identification or signature. itsme® has since become the most popular method of logging into government websites.

[1] Mobile payments with Bancontact and Payconiq, including embedded apps that have integrated the mobile Bancontact functionality (and in some cases also the Payconiq functionality) in their own apps. Mobile payments peer to peer are excluded.