itsme® raises €24.7 million to finance ambitious growth plans

Federal Holding and Investment Company (FPIM/SFPI) injects €14.5 million and takes a 20% share

For the first time since the launch of their identity app, the seven founders of itsme® welcome a new shareholder: the Federal Holding and Investment Company (FPIM/SFPI). The government investment fund is investing €14.5 million in the Belgian identity app, taking a participation of 20%. Six other shareholders, all market leaders in banking and telecommunications, are also injecting extra funds, taking the total increase in capital to €24.7 million. These are important new steps along the way to a Europe-wide digital identity app. In Belgium, the app now has 3.5 million users. itsme® was in the news again very recently as authentication means for the Belgian government’s app.

The latest figures:

In 2017, the seven market leaders in the banking and telecommunications sectors launched itsme®, the benchmark app in Belgium for digital identification, authentication and signature. The progress itsme® has made in barely four years speaks volumes. Some new figures:

  • Today, more than 3.5 million citizens use itsme® to identify themselves online, confirm digital transactions and sign documents electronically.
  • Some 45% of the adult population in Belgium have already created an itsme® account.
  • On average, Belgian use itsme® between 7 and 10 times each month with 150 partners. That adds up to over 18.5 million itsme® authentications per month, with both private companies and government portals.