itsme® launches batch signing

itsme® makes it possible to sign multiple documents with just one click

itsme® launches a new function that enables you to sign multiple documents at the same time, with just one click. All of which considerably reduces the administrative burden for companies.

Every day, countless numbers of documents are signed in Belgium. And more and more of them are being signed digitally with itsme® Sign, a qualified electronic signature that enjoys the same legal value as a handwritten signature. The result is less paperwork to grapple with and less need to move around the building or elsewhere to get papers signed.

Within the group of digital signatories, there are still quite a few people who need to sign lots of documents at the same time as part of their job. They include accountants, insurers, office managers, staff in the HR department, notaries and mayors. And up until now, they had to confirm their signature for each document separately by using their itsme® app and entering their secret itsme® code. All of which can be very time-consuming – especially when it comes to signing multiple documents.