itsme®: Annual figures 2022

itsme® now profitable for the first time in Belgium, with 6.7 million users

The number of users of the itsme® identity app continued to grow in 2022. In the space of one year, 700,000 new itsme® accounts were added, representing a growth of 11%. Today, 6.7 million Belgians are using the itsme® app – and they are doing so with remarkable frequency: 47 actions per person per year on average, or almost 1 per week.

Although the figures point to increasing digital awareness and trust among the Belgian population, there is still a large digital divide in our country. Which is why itsme® continues to invest in digital inclusion in Belgian society.

The figures for 2022: the year of the break-even

itsme® has been Belgium’s most popular app for some time already – yet the annual figures for 2022 demonstrate that there is still room for growth. In fact, between January and December, itsme® added another 700,000 accounts, bringing the total number of itsme® users in Belgium to 6.7 million. That was a year-on-year rise of 11%. Today, 80% of Belgian adults aged between 16 and 74 have an itsme® account[1] itsme® also continued to work on improving its reach and accessibility in 2022. For example, underage Belgians aged 16 and 17 can now create an itsme® account. And blind and visually impaired users have also benefited from a more accessible iOS version of the itsme® app since last year.

[1] There are 6.7 million itsme® users out of a population of 8.46 million Belgians aged between 16 and 74.